PIMCORE Uploading file

Uploading Files using Pimcore:-

For uploading file on pimcore we primarily need two things-

  1. we must have a folder inside the assets
  2. we must have a class to store file object with a folder in assets to save the file.

Suppose we are uploading some pdf files via pimcore, we must have a folder under Assets section and a folder under Objects section. The file will be uploaded inside asset’s folder and a new object will be create under object section. Any time admin can check the list of uploaded file via objects.

Here we are uploading resumes with user’s name, email, phone number. As we have seen in folder structure of Pimcore the file will be moved into assets and a new object will be created into object Section.

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Pimcore Folder Structure

Pimcore Folder Structure



pimcore folder contains all the framework libraries with admin panel UI and code inside it. Never try to change any code inside this folder otherwise when you will update your pimcore version your changes will be drop and the new files will overwrite the old ones.


Plugin folder is used to create custom user plugins. Pimcore plugins are the set of codes which calls on different hooks applied like on object create, update and delete. These plugins can be created via admin section and the respective folder will be created here inside the plugins folder.


vendor is a folder for libraries installed via composer. Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you. so while setting up a project first time you will need to run

composer install

It will download all dependency libraries to your project’s vendor folder.


This is the main folder created for developer use. This folder contains several directories.


This folder contains all the website’s config files like cache.php, google-api.php, hybridauth.php, startup.php etc..


As we know pimcore follows the MVC here are three folders available models, views and controllers. This folder contains all the controller’s files.


dump folder contains default database dump files which runs on pimcore initial installation.


lib folder contains base controller file with default Text helper.


This folder contains all the model’s related file. wither the models are created manually OR we create a class from admin panel. As soon as we create a new class a new entry made in database and a new files corresponding to it is created here. the new inserted id is also mentioned in these files.


This folder contains all the static assets like image, javascripts, css.


var folder contains different sub-folders like assets(for assets uploaded runtime from admin panel), classes(all user created class definitions), cache(all cache files created), config(custom config files), log(php.log and debug.log), system(all db related backups), tmp, versions(different versions of pages).


This folder contains all the views of controllers. there are three folder inside the views First one is area(small block of html part which got inserted on different pages/view files), Second one is layout(which contains all layout php files), Third one is scripts(these are the controllers view for each controller there is a folder inside the scripts and for each action there will be a php file inside the controller named folder)