Giant Intoduction

GiantJS is a full featured Javascript framework for creating single page application. it follows OOPS with modular development of web applications. By using giant we ensures that each part of the application is divided into small parts.  Below are the main components of giantJS

Giant Assertion:-  Giant Asserting namespace are used for validation on defferent places all over the development cicle. click here

Giant OOP:-   Giant OOP is the base namespace.  Ideally all classes must be extended either by oops or its extend classes to follow the oops rules. click here For available methods on Giant OOP.

Other Namesspaces we can create as per our need like

Giant Utils:-  Giant Utils is a class which contains all general purpose utility functions like stringifier(to stringify an objects)

Giant Data:-  Giant Data is a class which gives us functionality to create different type of data collections like ArrayCollection, Collection, DataCollection, Hash etc..

Giant Events:-  Giant Events is a class for handling event related functionality like catching and firing events adding multiple data with events.

Giant Routing:-  Giant Routing is a class which gives us functionality of handling Routing related functionality on the fly. it is responsible for triggering on any page changes and load new page according to the routes.

Giant Widget:- Giant Widget is a class which gives us functionality to create different widget(UI) for the application. suppose our page as a UI first our page will be a widget then it must have three child first one will be the header widget, second one will be the body widget, then footer will be the last widget. Then our header widget will be divided into several widgets like logo widget, menu widget, search bar widget etc….


Example of giant code can be found here

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